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Love Mash™
Rodent Reproductive Diet - Sterile
Love Mash, Rodent Reproductive Diet, 1 kg/Bag - Sterile

• A soft pelleted dietary supplement designed to support    reproductivity in rodents
• Feed as a supplement to regular diet
• Data supports increased litter size and pup survival rates
• Successfully used in the most difficult strains and at large      breeding facilities
• Pellets are soft and vary in length
• Nutritionally Assayed
• Gamma irradiated

Soft Pellets - 1/2" diameter x random lengths
Shelf Life: 6 months refrigerated
Product# 1-49   50+ Qty.
S3823P    Love Mash
1 kg/Bag - Sterile   
$33.90  |  $31.70  

Love Mash is a supplemental diet specifically designed to support reproductive performance in rats and mice. Feeding Love Mash produces measurable results in improved fertility for both males and females, increased litter size and increased pup survival rate. Love Mash has been successfully used in the most difficult breeders including transgenics and knock-outs. The product's success is the result of a the simple formulation, which relies on the fat composition of the diet paired with the method of delivery (foraging). This foraging opportunity can decreases the dam's stress thereby enhancing milk production and pup survival rate.

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Calories: 3.83 kcal/gm

pdf icon  S3823P Nutritional Profile

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