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Bug Treats, Live
Bug Treats, Live

Minimum: 10 cups per product. Orders will not be processed if less than 10 cups per product.

Product#       10+    Qty.
9002    Mealworms, 100/Cup
10 Cup Minimum 
9130    Superworms, 25/Cup
10 Cup Minimum 
9001    Wax Moth Larvae, 250/Cup
10 Cup Minimum 
  • Live Bug Treats
  • Fulfills the natural need to forage for live insects
  • Apply to Fleece Foraging/Grooming Board
  • Three types available

  • More Info

Wax Moth Larvae - Ideal temperature 55° F.
Room temperature is too warm and refrigeration is too cold. Moisture, even condensation is deadly to worms.
Shelf life is 2 weeks, check containers every 2-3 days and remove any dead worms.

Mealworms - Ideal temperature 45° F. Prolonged temperatures below 40° F will kill the worms. Shelf life is 2 weeks.

Superworms - Ideal temperature range 70-80° F. Do not refrigerate. Shelf life is 2 weeks.

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