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Rodent > Diets > Liquid Diets Liquid Diets
AIN-76, Shake and Pour
Lieber-DeCarli '82
Lieber-DeCarli '82, Shake and Pour
Low Fat, Lieber-DeCarli '83, '89,    Shake and Pour
Pregnant/Weanling, High Protein,    Lieber-DeCarli '82
Pregnant/Weanling, High Protein,    Lieber-DeCarli '82, Shake and Pour
Liquid Diet Feeding Tubes
    and Holders
Shake and Pour Bottle (160 oz.)
Maltose Dextrin
  (Dried Glucose Syrup, Fine)

Liquid diets are a versatile medium, which allows for the addition of alcohol, medications and test compounds. Custom formulations with added flavoring available upon request.

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