Nutritional Solutions

Custom Diets:
Diets formulated according to the research requirements of the customer. Bio-Serv can reproduce a previously published formulation, modify our existing formulas or create newformulas based on customer specifications.

Customer Supplied Additive:
Diets formulated to include test compounds supplied by the customer such as medications, nutraceuticals, food ingredients and test articles to allow for convenient dosing of compounds.

Grain-Based Diets:
Diets formulated with agricultural products such as whole grains, high gluten meals and livestock feed ingredients. Ingredients in grain-based diets have complex nutrient compositions.

Purified Diets:
Diets that are formulated with refined ingredients such that each ingredient contributes primarily one nutrient allowing for precise manipulation and customization of the diet's nutrient composition.

Standard Diets:
Routinely manufactured diets that have been published in the literature to meet the research needs of experimental protocols.

List of Standard Diets:

  • AIN Diets (AIN-76A, AIN-93G, AIN-93M)
  • Atherosclerotic
  • Chlorophyll-free
  • Dox diet
  • Grain-based control
  • High fat/diabetogenic
  • Ketogenic
  • Liquid diets
  • Phytoestrogen-free
  • Post-operative diets
  • SCID diets

Available Diet Forms:

  • Dough: Soft, cookie dough consistency
  • Gel: Firm but moist diet that is both a food and water source
  • Liquid: Diet that is suspendable in ethanol or water
  • Pellet: Cold-pressed pellets, protects nutrients from air, light and moisture
  • Powder: Used for incorporating compounds at research site
  • Precision Pellets: Precise weight round pellets in sizes 14mg - 1g
  • Precision Tablets: Precise weight flat tablets in sizes 3g - 10g

Please contact us with your dietary nutritional and research specifications. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Jaime Lecker, Ph.D.
ph: 800-996-9908 ext. 112

Karen Froberg-Fejko, LATg, VMD
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